Minutes of RABA Board Meeting 3/16/09


Present:  B. Rudner, G. Ride,  W. Marsland,  P. McFadden,  L. Fox,  S. Barocas,  L. Sanders,  P. Clark,  M. Spence, L. Meacham ,  B. Bardeschewski  


Absent:   B. Rosenthal 


The meeting was called to order by President Barry at 4:37 PM


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted 


The treasurer's report was accepted


It was reported that the RABA open pairs game held at Temple Sinai and at Geneseo made a profit of $159.00 with 25 1/2 tables.


The Lifemaster/Non-lifemaster RABA event will be held on April 21st at the Tuesday games at Temple Sinai and at Geneseo


The RABA Swiss Team event will be held at the Green Lantern on November 15th(dependent on the date and the Green Lantern both being available).

It was suggested that this event also be a holiday party.


Peg McFadden and/or Barry Rudner would see if the Fellows Road Park Building would be large enough to hold our fall sectional.


Barry would also get information on the VFW on Chili-Scottsville Rd and The Country House in East Rochester to see if we could hold our fall sectional at either of those locations.     


Sue Barocas was congratulated for doing an excellent job of promoting the 299er sections of our RABA events --i.e. -- getting 299ers to attend our RABA events


There was a discussion of having different snacks at our sectionals (different than what we have had in the past 3 or 4 years) Lois suggested we could have a vegetable tray with each board member being responsible for a vegetable. Lois will chair this function 


The next board meeting will be 5/11/09 at BŐrith Kodesh at 4:30 PM


The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 PM


Respectfully submitted

Gerry Ride, Secretary