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Minutes of the May 11, 2009 Board Meeting

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Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
Present: B. Rudner, G. Ride, W. Marsland, P. McFadden, L. Fox, S. Barocas, M. Spence, L. Meacham , B. Bardeschewski
Absent: B. Rosenthal, L. Sanders, P. Clark

The meeting was called to order by President Barry at 4:40 PM

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as written
The treasurer's report was accepted

Margie asked to have the names of the current RABA board members and their e-mail addresses updated on the website.
Barry will contact Ed Reppert and ask him to do this.

Barry will find out the winners of the LM/NLM event held on 4/21/09 and the open pair event held in January, 2009 and will have Ed post these names on the website.
Although life masters should play only with life masters and non-life masters should play only with non-life masters, some players did not do this.
Next year RABA will attempt to make this point clearer.
Perhaps Doug can bring his Tuesday game to the Tuesday game at Sinai for the LM/NLM game next year.

The fall sectional will be held at Lakeville , October 2nd , 3rd, and 4th.
These dates will be posted on the website

The RABA Swiss Teams event will be held at the Green Lantern on November 15th.
This will also be a holiday party.
While discussing this RABA event, Warren showed the board a menu from a caterer who would cater the food at Lakeville if the board decided to have the RABA Swiss Teams event at Lakeville.

A motion by Margie to have Barry talk with Ed Reppert concerning compensation for maintaining the website
Second by Sue Barocas

A motion by Barry to make the spring and fall sectionals a two day event(Saturday and Sunday) starting January, 2010
Second by Barbara Bardeschewski

The RABA Board of Directors discussed the Duplimate machine and an email from one of the club owners The email pointed out an inequity in the awarding of free plays to the Duplimate operators. Our discussion acknowledged the inequity of free plays to the duplimate operators because of their playing patterns. They don't
play at all clubs. Warren presented a proposal to the board to rectify this situation.

Motion by Warren to have Barry discuss this proposal with each club director and If we are in agreement, the new procedure will go into effect on June 1st
Second by Gerry

The next board meeting will be 8/17/09 at Brith Kodesh at 4:45 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:56 PM

Respectfully submitted
Gerry Ride, Secretary




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