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Minutes of the October 19, 2009 Board Meeting

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                                                                                  Minutes of RABA Annual Meeting
Present: G. Ride, W. Marsland, B. Rosenthal, L. Sanders, P. Clark, L. Meacham, C. Adrion, P. Cherin, K. Toole,
M. Atwell,
Absent : B. Bardeschewski, P. McFadden

The meeting was held at the the Lakeville Fire Exempt Hall as part of our Swiss Team event

President Liz called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM

Warren Marsland presented a brief treasurer's report and handed out copies of financial data for past sectional and RABA events.

President Liz read the names of our members who moved up in rank during the past year(life master and up)

Since this was the annual meeting, there was a question from the floor concerning progress on finding a bridge center
There are some sites being looked at and also some discusssion of financial issues with the directors

The RABA goodwill person of the year was Sue Barocas

Motion by P. Clark to adjourn
Second by G. Ride passed

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM

Respectfully submitted
Gerry Ride, Secretary
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