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Minutes of the January 18, 2010 Board Meeting

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Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
Present: G. Ride, W. Marsland, B. Rosenthal, L. Sanders, P. Clark, L. Meacham, C. Adrion, P. Cherin, K. Toole,
M. Atwell
Absent : B. Bardeschewski, P. McFadden

The meeting was called to order by President Liz at 4:45 PM
The meeting was held at Temple Sinai

Motion by Paul Cherin
Second by Peg Clark to accept the minutes of the last meeting as posted on the website

The treasurer's report was accepted.

President Liz appointed an audit committee
Charlie Adrion is the chairperson
Marshall Atwell and Paul Cherin are his assistants

The spring sectional will be held March 5th thru March 7th at the Lakeville site
The two sessions on Friday will be at 11 AM and 3:30 PM
Lunch will be provided free of charge if you play in both sessions on Friday
Warren will be the chairperson -- Lois will be in charge of the food -- and the RABA board will help as needed(set up, breakdown, publicity, etc.)

The summer sectional will be held July 10th thru July 11th at Geneseo(two days)

The fall sectional will be held tentatively November 19th thru November 21st at Lakeville -- there is a possibility of having this sectional in September instead of November

Paul Cherin updated the RABA board as to his efforts on bringing a regional to Rochester
Paul has contacted hotels in the Rochester area -- the Convention Center -- and the Greater Rochester Visitor's Association
Paul will contact John Marks, the tournament chairperson of the district, for his input

Lois Sanders and Bob Rosenthal presented some new ideas on our RABA events
The open pairs would be stratiflited
The swiss teams would have a 299er section
There would be a new event - called the "tournament of champions"
To qualify for this event you would have to finish 1st or 2nd in A, B, or C in club championships
There will be more details on these events at a later date

Margie Spence will order coffee mugs(same as the last order) -- these are given to the winners in various RABA events

The board agrees we need a new telephone directory -- Lois will ask Mickey Williams if she would head this project

THe next meeting will be 3/15/10 at Temple Brith Kodish at 4:45 PM

Motion to adjourn by Bob Rosenthal - second by Paul Cherin -- passed
Meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM

Respectfully submitted
Gerry Ride, Secretary

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