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Minutes of the March 15, 2010 Board Meeting

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Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
Present: G. Ride, W. Marsland, B. Rosenthal, L. Sanders, P. Clark, L. Meacham, C. Adrion, P. Cherin, K. Toole,
B. Bardeschewski, P. McFadden
Absent : M. Atwell
Guest : Ed Reppert

The meeting was called to order by President Liz at 4:47 PM
The meeting was held at Temple Brith Kodesh

Motion by Peg Clark
Second by Peg McFadden to accept the minutes of the last meeting as posted on the website

The treasurer's report was accepted.
Warren answered any questions pertaining to the treasurer's report

An acknowledgement from John Duffy's family for the sympathy card was received

The dates for the summer sectional to be held in Geneseo will be July 10th thru July 11th
Peg Clark will chair this event with Liz as her co-chair

The dates for the fall sectional to be held in Lakeville will be September 10th thru September 12th
Charlie Adrion is the chairperson and he will be asking for help from the RABA board

There was a discussion on the past(2010)spring sectional.
RABA made a profit of $5.91
The attendance was disappointing
More RABA board members should share in the various tasks of holding this and other sectionals

There was a discussion on how to increase the 0-99 attendance
Motion by Paul Cherin
Second by Warren Marsland
To sell tickets in advance to the 0-99 players and to charge $6.00 to the 0-99 players

Motion by Warren Marsland
Second by Paul Cherin
To get name tags for RABA board members(we would wear them at sectionals to identify ourselves as RABA board members)

After a brief discussion on bringing a regional to Rochester, it was decided that since the regional is a district function, RABA should put its efforts into issues over which we have control -- such as increasing attendance at sectionals and making our sectionals more attractive(thus hopefully increasing attendance)

The mugs to be used as prizes at RABA events have been received

The RABA open pairs will be a one session event at Temple Sinai on Tuesday, May 4th
Lois will ask Sally and Cheryl for permission since it is their game

Ed reppert passed on some information pertaining to the website

Motion -- Gerry Ride
Second -- Kathy Toole
to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM
No date was set for the next RABA board meeting

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