Minutes of RABA Board Meeting


 Present:    G. Ride,  W. Marsland,   B. Rosenthal,  L. Sanders,  P. Clark,  L. Meacham,  C. Adrion,  P. Cherin,  K. Toole,

                 P. McFadden,  M. Atwell

 Absent :   B. Bardeschewski

 Guests :   R. Mittleman,  D. Wilson, Ed Reppert


The meeting was called to order by President Liz at 4:55 PM

The meeting was held at Temple Brith Kodesh 


Motion by B. Rosenthal

Second by Peg Clark to accept the minutes of the last meeting as posted on the website


The treasurer's report was accepted -- there were no changes since last board meeting.


The  RABA board mission statement was on the agenda for the board members to read it and perhaps "refresh" our memory as to what the statement said. 

The intent was not to change it.  The statement was not altered or replaced.


Charlie Adrion presented the results of the audit held 5/10/10

  All of our finances, financial records and financial procedures are in order

  Charlie commended Warren on the excellent work Warren does as treasurer

  The audit committee suggested that the treasurer's report be sent to all RABA board members before each board meeting


The dates for the summer sectional to be held in Geneseo will be July 10th thru July 11th

  Liz Meacham will chair this event with Sue Barocas as her co-chair

  There will be a separate 299er section on July 10th and a single session 299er team event on July 11th

  On July 11th there will be a lesson for 299ers on how to play teams -- i. e. -- the differences between teams and pairs 



The dates for the fall sectional to be held in Lakeville will be September 10th thru September 12th

  Charlie Adrion is the chairperson 

  Friday, September 10th, will be two sessions - open pairs -- 11AM and 3PM 

  Saturday. September 11th, will be three sessions - open pairs -- 10AM, 2PM, and 7PM

     Two of the three sessions would count in the overall and you must specify which two befoe you start play

  Sunday, September 12th, will be a two session Swiss team event with a one session 299er Swiss team event

  There would be lunch on Friday with players asked to bring a "dish to pass"  similar to our life master parties


  The fee for the sectionals will increase to $9.00


Motion by Charlie Adrion

Second by Bob Rosenthal

  To hold the spring sectional for 2011 at a new location -- a Shriner's Temple on Bay road in Webster                                                              

  The dates will be March 25, 2011 thru March 27, 2011 

Motion passed

Charlie will contact the Shriners and finalize the dates


The tentative dates for the 2011 fall sectional will be October 15, 2011 and October 16, 2011


Ron Mittleman and Dick Wilson gave an update on the progress of finding a bridge center 

 There has been a decrease in the attendance at our games since September 2009.

 This translates into finding a building ready for us to use and increasing the cost of our games to cover the rent or finding a building where the rent is lower.

 The building with the low rent would most likely need renovations which would be an added cost. Based on our attendance, in order to afford a bridge center,  the

 cost  to play at our games would increase. It is possible that an increase in the cost  would have some players playing fewer games than they now play which would  

 decrease our attendance further.

Ron's point was that a bridge studio is not economically viable at present attendance levels.


Lois and Sue McCartney are working on the phone directory


Charlie suggested that one copy of the RABA board minutes be made available at each game. This copy would be for the players that do not have access to our website.


 Motion by Warren Marsland

 Second by Peg McFadden

    to buy 100 sectional award pins at a cost of 80 cents per pin



Liz asked Gerry to form and chair a nominating committee


The next meeting would be 8/23/10 at Temple Brith Kodesh



Motion -- Marshall Atwell

Second -- Peg McFadden

    to adjourn



  Meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM