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Minutes of the August 23, 2010 Board Meeting

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                                                                           Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
 Present:    G. Ride,  W. Marsland,    L. Sanders,  P. Clark,  L. Meacham,  C. Adrion,  P. Cherin,  K. Toole,
 Absent :   B. Bardeschewski, B. Rosenthal, M. Atwell, P. McFadden
Since President Liz would be late, the meeting was called to order by Vice President Paul at 4:50 PM
The meeting was held at Temple Brith Kodesh 
Motion by P. Cherin
Second by Peg Clark to accept the minutes of the last meeting which were sent to the board and posted on the website

The treasurer's report was made available to the board -- there were no questions
President Liz then arrived and took over the meeting
Warren brought up the matter of compensation to the duplimate operators -- Warren Marsland and Doug Bradley
Compensation is done now in the following way.
    The directors pay RABA four dollars($4.00)/set
    RABA then reimburses Warren and/or Doug their entry fee when they play in a local club game for which they made up the boards
Paul Cherin made a motion to pay Warren and/or Doug $3.75/set in lieu of reimbursing them their entry fee to a local club game 
 for a period of three months.  RABA would revisit this item at the end of three months
Peg Clark seconded the motion
Motion passed
Charlie Adrion reported on the fall sectional
  Fliers are done by Cindy Reid
  Each overall strat winner will receive a sectional winner pin
Gerry Ride reported on the upcoming RABA elections
   We have six candidates
   Warren is getting the ballots printed and will be available for distribution early September
   Gerry, along with help from some board members, will have them at the clubs ready for voting and ending the voting by 9/30/10 
Paul Cherin proposed a pro-am game on a Tuesday. It would be a one session event.  The actual game would run slower than a normal club game to allow time for the "pro" and the "amateur" to discuss the hands.  Threr would be a question and answer period after the game. It would be used as a mentoring event  The details would be worked out later and it would require Cheryl Jones' agreement..
Paul then put the above proposal in the form of a motion
Lois Sanders seconded
Motion passed
The spring sectional(2011) will be held in Webster at the Damascus Temple on Bay Road
The next RABA board meeting will be October 4th, 2010 at Temple Brith Kodesh at 4.45 PM
Motion to adjourn by Gerry Ride
Second by Peg Clark
Motion passed
Adjourned at 6:10 PM 
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