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Minutes of the October 4, 2010 Board Meeting

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Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
Present: G. Ride, W. Marsland, L. Sanders, M. Atwell, L. Meacham, C. Adrion, P. Cherin, K. Toole, B. Bardeschewski

Absent : K. Toole, B. Rosenthal, P. Clark

The meeting, held at Temple Brith Kodish, was called to order by President Liz Meacham at 4:45 PM

There was a discussion pertaining to the fact that certain board members prior to the election had given the impression to our RABA members that the RABA board was "endorsing" certain candidates. No names of board members were mentioned. However, it was pointed out that no RABA board member should talk for the board without the board's permission.

Another issue concerning the election was that only two 299er candidates were on the slate and there were no candidates from outside Monroe County.
A committee was formed to look into revising the nominating guidelines contained in the bylaws to encourage representation from 299ers and also members from outside Monroe County.

Lois , Barbara, and Marshall will be the committee.

Gerry pointed out that there are 12 members on the RABA board. Only four members brought candidates to the slate and one of these four brought himself.

Gerry reported that he and Peg Clark had counted the ballots on Wednesday, September 29th.
The board then recounted the ballots again and the election was validated

There will be an annual meeting at Temple Sinai on 11/2/10 at 12:25 PM(Cheryl's game).
The election results will be announced at the annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 PM on a motion by Marshall and seconded by Gerry

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