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Minutes of the November 15, 2010 Board Meeting

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                                                                            Minutes of RABA Board Meeting
 Present:  J. Volpel,  P. Cherin,  G. Ride,  W. Marsland,  S. Powell, L. Sanders,  P. Clark,  M. Atwell, K. Toole, Mary Lou Lawson, C. Adrion  
  Absent:   B. Bardeschewski 
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Paul at 4:45 PM
The results of the RABA election had been announced at the annual meeting.  The board members elected were Sue Powell, John Volpel, Mary Lou Lawson and Warren Marsland. These new board members were introduced to the board by Paul.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as previously sent to the board.
The treasurer's report was accepted
The board elected their officers for the 2010 - 2011 year.
The results:
   President           John Volpel
   Vice-President    Lois Sanders
   Treasurer            Waren Marsland
   Secretary            Mary Lou Lawson
President John then took over the meeting 
Kathy Toole brought up the fact that the RABA election results were not announced in a more timely fashion,  the results were known unofficially, and one of the losers was upset by this.  Gerry explained that the results are announced at the annual meeting.  The annual meeting, in the past, coincided with our fall sectional.  If we had not moved our fall sectional dates up this year, there would have been no problem.
The reason the results were known unofficially was that one of the board members did not respect the confidentially as the board requested and "leaked" the results.
John Volpel suggested that the board look into ways of rectifying these problems.
There was a discussion as to the duplimate costs.
The largest cost is the printing of  the hand records. 
A committee to find ways to pay for duplimate costs was appointed.
The committee consists of Lois Sanders, Mary Lou Lawson, and Marshall Atwell.
Paul gave an update of the upcoming Pro-Am game.  Cheryl has been working hard on getting players.  At this date there are 30 1/2 tables.
It was suggested the board look into holding two Pro-Am games per year, one afternoon game and one night game.  Also the games should be rotated among the clubs so all directors have a chance to hold a Pro-Am game.
The March 2011 dates given to us for our spring sectional are now not available.
A committee consisting of Charlie Adrion, Sue Powell, and Paul Cherin was formed to find a site for the sectional.
The sectional will be a two day sectional -- Saturday and Sunday with Saturday being two sessions(morning and afternoon), and Sunday being the Swiss teams.
Paul said we should work on bringing a regional to Rochester.  Paul stated 90% of our members would like a regional in Rochester.
Warren explained, as he did last year, the regional is a unit event -- not a RABA event.
Paul did state further that he had been in contact with the Unit President and the District President. Both presidents encouraged Paul to go forward in trying to bring a regional to Rochester.  The Presidents also told Paul that If we could find a suitable site, there is no barrier in bringing a regional to Rochester.  Syracuse has the regional "locked uo" thru 2012, so the earliest year for a Rochester regional would be 2013.
Respectfully submitted
Gerry Ride, Secretary 
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